tessuti tecnici per pulizia, tessuti tecnici per pennelli, pellicce sintetiche

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Furpile industry is a manufacturer of specialist woven technical fabrics. Our strength is the ability to interpret customers' requirements and, with our wide range of experience in working with the majority of fibre types (including the latest developments), provide accurate cost effective solutions. Design and manufacture of woven fabrics for automotive, protective apparel, filtration, reinforcement and a variety of industrial applications, from cotton and a wide range of synthetic and specialty fibers. Custom fabric development and finishing. Application and use Filtration media Composites Diaphragms Impression cloths Reinforcements Hose Sports equipment Inflatables Conveyor Belting Anti-static Protective Apparel Flame Retardant Escape Chutes Ballistic Aerospace Tentage Hydrotherapy Automotive Transmission Belting Cryogenics Coalescers

microfibre for cleaning
technical woven
fabrics for cleaning te

cleaning technical woven fabrics for cleaning tessuti tecnici per penne tessuti per pennelli pellicce sintetiche pellicce ecologiche




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