The Furpile Industrial group was established in 1972 by Piero Antonio Cavicchi and Carlo Alberto Nistri, by a tradesman and by a technical mind. The firm fastly developed. Thanks to High Quality, advanced technology and investments Furpile Industry more and more assumes the aspect of an industrial pole.
Nowadays Furpile Industry is formed by:
- Furpile Moda
- Furpile Idea
- Furpile Maglia
- Filtrade

2011 June: Furpile Maglia joins the project Cardato regenerated CO2 neutral. In august its fabrics Quintilio, Annunziata, Brera, Juano, Bistagno, Often, Poker and Lumaca got certification.
2011 May: Furpile Maglia gets Oeko Tex standard 100 certificate for items produced with viscose, polyamide and all their blends and for knitted qualities produced with cotton, wool and all their blends.
2008 March: Furpile Idea gets Oeko Tex standard 100 certificate for boiled wool items.